A Short Bio

I am an experimental condensed matter physicist who is primarily interested in understanding the influences of electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions on the electronic and magnetic properties of matter. My research is driven, for the most part, by curiosity and theoretical studies. My research interests cover a broad swath within condensed matter physics, ranging from more traditional magnetic materials and mesoscale complex systems to the trendier topics like 2D materials and topological phases of matter.

As a student, I was always interested in mathematics and science. I eventually realized that what attracted me most was the applications of mathematics in physics. As an undergraduate student at Presidency College (now Presidency University) in Calcutta, India (that’s where I'm from), I was fortunate to be taught by some passionate professors who showed us beauty and elegance in physics, motivating me to pursue higher studies in this area. During my master’s study in physics at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, I was introduced to advanced experimental research and its importance in the advancement of modern science. I remember being intrigued by learning about innovative experiments which could resolve conflicting scientific views and/or point to completely unexpected and unknown behaviors, inspiring me to undertake doctoral studies in experimental physics.

After my doctoral degree at the University of Texas at Austin, I spent some enjoyable years there working as a postdoctoral researcher. Before joining Howard University as an assistant professor, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Maryland, College Park. I have been working in experimental condensed matter physics for more than 15 years now. I still wake up in the morning anticipating the pleasure and privilege of spending my day thinking about new possibilities for unexpected and unexplored behaviors in condensed matter physics and working with students, colleagues, and collaborators on exploring new directions in education and research.